Fun and Kid Friendly gadgets by Fred

by James

ToDo Tatoo

I remember when I was in Jr. High. My PE teacher needed me to take something to the office. He didn’t have a hall pass handy, so he wrote it on the palm of my hand. How many of us have written down brief notes on our hands so as not to forget them? Now there’s a clever To-Do Tatoo which puts a to-do list where you’ll never lose it.

From a fun company called FRED, the dozen or so To-Do forms can be applied to your body anywhere you want it, and it also includes a skin-safe, washable-ink gel pen. Other cool items they sell include the “Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold,” “Ice Kabob Swizzle Sticks,” “Chopstick Kids” (chopsticks for kids), a hub cap shaped flying disc called the Studebarker, and the “Batter Finger,” which is a handy silicone spatula in the shape of a finger so testing of the cake batter can ensue without sticking a dirty finger in the mix.

But my favorite? A watch with the face of the Almighty called “Jesus, look at the time!” Most of Fred products seem to be very kid friendly and run under $20. Many are also available at online retailers including

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