Voice-controlled Dalek


voice-command-dalek.jpgWe’ve seen remote controlled Daleks in the past – but here’s a new novelty. Voice-controlled Daleks FTW!

The Voice Controlled Dalek is a new generation of galactic evil. Standing a mighty foot and a half high, he’s able to track moving objects, and as well as you being able to direct him by radio control, he responds to over 30 voice commands. Complete with sound, movement and heat sensors, he’s festooned with sound and light effects, and his memory banks store over 50 Dalek phrases (helpfully translated into gargled English). His ‘Eye’ and ‘Exterminator’ arm light up, and his head can rotate through 270 degrees – which steals the thunder from owls somewhat. He has a bevy of special operational modes, such as ‘Seek Locate’, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Guard Room’, making him a handy sentinel to have round the house.

This little bugger can be yours for £99.99.

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