Apple adds pink iPod nano to lineup


pink-nano.jpgApple’s famous line of iPods has received yet another addition – and this time, it is the iPod nano family to gain from the latest of Cupertino’s think tanks. No, it isn’t a major hardware revision or anything of that sort but instead will feature a brand new color. You can put all those party hats away for now I guess with this rather deflated announcement from Apple. Still, I am sure that there is a certain segment of the population that would love pink to adorn just about any gadget and gizmo that is released today, which means the pink iPod nano will probably do pretty well in terms of sales.

How much does a color change cost? Nothing, apparently, as the pink 8GB iPod nano will still retail for $199. Everything else inside remains the same as the changes are but cosmetic, so folks who pick this model up will still get a 2″ display, 24 hours of audio playback or five hours of video playback on a single charge (of course, certain requirements must be met before this specification is fulfilled), all crammed into a beautiful all-metal design made with anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel. Should pink not tickle your fancy, you can always choose from silver, black, blue, green and a (PRODUCT) RED special edition.

According to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod Product Marketing, “Customers are going to love the gorgeous new pink iPod nano. The pink iPod nano is perfect for people who want a great new color this spring, or who are searching for a special Valentine’s Day gift.” I wonder how confident Greg is of backing up his statement, but marketing guys always gush positive no matter what the eventual outlook is like. At least you know that the pink color iPod nano you tote around comes with 8GB of internal memory, which somewhat makes you a cut above other lesser folks who carry around 4GB of memory.

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