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by Tiago


Readius – Cellphone with special display screen

Readius is a recently presented phone project, made by the Dutch from Polymer Vision. The special kind of display screen is what makes it special, and I’m talking about a screen that can be folded when you’re not using it, which obviously makes it smaller and more compact.

While being used, the display measures 5-inches, (13cm) which can be considered huge in the world of cellphones. It has an electronic paper feeling, much like the Kindle does – meaning that you’ll be able to read e-books, or alternatively, content from the internet.

Users will be able to set up their email accounts, news sources, podcasts, audio books and blog feeds at home on their computer, and the data is then pushed to the device whenever it is updated.

So far there is no information about the price, or release date of the Readius, but I’ll keep you updated.

Panama’s National Assembly got hacked

In the world wide web, there are bad news for Panama. It seems like their National Assembly site got hacked recently, and strangely enough, the hackers put up an American flag in place of the actual site. Even more strange is the fact that the hack was made during “Martyrs’ Day”, on January 9 – a special day for Panama related to deaths on a riot – check the wiki for more info on this specific day.

Internet users in China = more than 200 million

According to a recent report made by the Chinese government, by the end of 2007 the internet population was up to 210 million. Taking in consideration that in the end of 2006 there were only 137 million, I’d say the numbers are growing pretty quickly – 53% in this case.

Other interesting info:

Also surprising among the new results is that China’s most popular Internet application is online music, used by 86.6 percent of those surveyed, followed by instant messaging with 81 percent. E-mail placed only fifth, with 56.5 percent using it.

Sources: Reuters and NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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avagee Says: January 22, 2008 at 2:45 pm

While you wait for the Readius with its neato foldout screen you can enjoy some quality reading on your existing regular cell phone. Check out they give away public domain and creative commons books packaged for phones.

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