Remote control tells time … or is it a watch change channels?

by James

Remote control watch

Ever find yourself in the position where your favorite TV show comes on in two minutes and you can’t find the remote? I hate that. Now sure, with the advent of digital video players (DVRs) most people are setting their boxes and forgetting it. But you still have to find that damn remote. Then again, if it’s on your wrist you don’t have very far to look, do you?

The Multimedia Remote Watch has 19 decent size buttons, which help to control not only your TV, but it will also work as a universal remote for your VCR, DVD, and even your satellite box. The buttons operate the typical Volume, channel switching and power ON/ OFF functions, in addition to an 8 digit calculator, calendar, stop watch with split functions down to 1/100 of a second, and alarm signals.
Like your typical remote control, you simply aim the watch remote‘s IR transmit window at the receiver of the media device in question. It can be operated with about 30 degrees of tolerance and at a maximum distance of 3-5 meters.
And it tells time too. Cost is a very affordable $21.99 (that’s $22 in disguise).

Source: Crave

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