Frog to Prince Kit is snazzy


frog-prince.jpgThe Magic Frog to Prince kit certainly brings back childhood memories of fairy tales, especially those involving (really) desperate damsels in distress who resorted to smooching a frog while trying to escape from their royally dreary existence.

The Magic Frog to Prince removes the need for the whole ‘kissing amorous hopping things’ behavior (which must count as some kind of species abuse anyway). You simply add water to this little green fella, and within minutes he’ll be transformed into a handsome prince. We use the word handsome in its broadest possible sense of course. Within 72 hours your prince will have grown to a mighty, if not very useful, 10cm in height. Diminutive and unable to whisk you off to his castle he may be, but he’s cheap, fun and people love him.

Get your very own prince today without even kissing a slimy amphibian! Too bad this prince is one cheap dude as you’ll need to pay £2.99 to even bring him out on a date. Good thing he doesn’t answer back though.

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