iTunes to go Tall, Grande and Venti with Starbucks?

by James

Java 1

Everyone knows by now that Starbucks fans who have iPhones or the iTouch can order and download music directly from the iTunes store while they sip on the overpriced dark roast in Starbucks. What people may not know is that Seattle and Cupertino could be experimenting with the ability to order and buy your next round of double American half latte half caf with a shot from the iTunes store as well. Just don’t try and synch your ipod with it.

It’s just in a series of Photoshopped mockups at the moment, but word is that the software is also being developed which would allow iTuns fans to buy a Vente Frap (or other Starbucks frothy goodness) and pay using their their iTunes account. When ready, the customer would then provide the barista with a semacode digital “receipt” that can be scanned at pickup. The concept would even allow users to write up specific directions in the notes section via the multi touch screen interface or the popup keyboard. Running totals of coffee costs and iTunes account balances are also included in the mockups.

java 2

If this concept flies, what’s next? Heading over to Mickey D’s for a Quarter Pounder and a track of the latest Usher CD? Doubtful considering the war that’s being waged over Ronald McDonald and Starbuck at the moment. But how about going to the movies at the local multiplex and downloading the film or movie soundtrack directly to your iPod after the closing credits? I doubt Hollywood would think that differently.

Still, with Cupertino, it’s more a question of what piece of the pie Apple gets, not if they can actually do it.

Source and Photo Credit – The Giz

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