Personal rant: Why is Vista so bloody useless?

by Marc

Vista_Icon So I’m in a hotel room, trying to write up what I’ve seen at CES this year. I’m using the same HP core2 duo laptop I used last year, only this year it’s been "upgraded" from XP to Vista.

So now my battery life is down from a useful 4 hours to a dismal 2 and it’ll sometimes stall for seconds at a time – presumably because the thing spends most of it’s uptime swapping to disk. After all, it’s only got a measly gig of RAM and clearly web browsing / light photo resizing is harder work than I thought.

If it’s not swapping it’s thrashing the disk trying to second guess what app I’ll want next and pre-loading it for me. I’m sure it takes longer to start up too. Oh, and then there’s the new version of explorer. Don’t even get me started on that…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing MS for the hell of it. I make a decent living using MS products and a lot of them are very good indeed. I can’t shake the feeling though that this OS just isn’t giving me as a consumer anything useful. It might have loads of cool enabling technology under the hood but if my end user experience is this frustrating I think they have some more work to do…

There you go, rant over – I’ll get back to some CES posts now!

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GrimReeper Says: January 8, 2008 at 1:12 am

Very well said 😀

vampirefrost Says: January 8, 2008 at 5:33 am

I agree.
Microsoft has forgotten that Windows is an O.S. just a means to an end. Because of this Microsoft cant get Windows on to the One Laptop Per a Child (OLPC). They are even reworking Windows XP just so they can try and get it to work on these systems that Linux has no problem with working on.
Microsoft looks at Mac OS X and sees all the kool stuff thats in it and goes “WOW Windows need that too”. Ummm hello Microsoft, Apple has to put that in their OS because there aren’t as many software houses writing for it. Alot of the new and fancy things that Microsoft put in Vista was avalible through 3rd partys, and ran much better. Microsoft needs to go back and rework the kernel and get rid of all the usless junk. Everyone that I know of has turned off the Areo Glass feature. Not so much that most software it don’t work with anyways, but that it just takes up to much resorces. At one time Bill Gates was quoted as saying that no one will ever need more then 640k of memory. Now you can’t even get Vista to work right unless you have 2Gb or more. I personaly think that the only reason Linux hasn’t really taken over is theres to many diffrent destros. Meaning that if you down load a program for Linux unless if its for the destro that you have its not going to work. They need to get there act together and unify Linux and then I can see it giving Windows a run for its money. Also if Steve Jobs would release OS X for not Apple systems, I know of 20 people that would run out and buy several copies. Steve Jobs is only shooting his self and Apple in the foot by keeping it Apple only. Bill Gates made his billions not by making hardware but software, Apple could and should learn that.

Julius Says: January 9, 2008 at 7:27 pm

Without microsoft there would be no Apple. The only reason apple is still around is because without them the Fed, gov would have split microsoft up into two companies. So microsoft gave apple about 150 mil to keep there head above water for all you know they still may hold a large stake in Apple.

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