Ceiva’s new Photo Frames unveiled at CES

by Mark R

Ceiva Frames

While I was at CES this year, I saw a lot of digital picture frames. Most of them were pretty much the same, the usual downloading capability and good resolution, but I would have to say that the ones from Ceiva were pretty exceptional.

The Ceiva Pro190 is designed for those who have very little, shall we say, technical savvy. Downloading the picture on them is quite simple, and it can be done from a distance from the subscriber. In fact, all a user has to do is jack in a phone line, I’m serious.

The resolution of the Pro190 is a high 1280×960 pixels, and they have a huge 19 inch diagonal that is quite worthy of your wall. I found that there was some great anti-glare going on, so I could look at it from any angel without that weird effect I see on my laptop.

The Ceiva Pro80 is smaller at an 8 inch diagonal, with a resolution of 800×600. It has an easy wireless and phone connectivity, and has interchangeable faceplates.

One of the best things about Ceiva is that it is really a service. A user subscribes to their service, and can send and receive photos. I don’t really have a price on this service or these frames, and I also don’t have any images. The picture you see is one of their photo frames, which is quite good quality.

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