Now THAT’s a touch screen …

by James

52 inch multi touch

Sure, the iPhone’s touch screen capability is super cool. And if previous reports proved true, a Newton Touch may be just over the horizon, then touch screen may be the interface of the future. Microsoft surely thinks to, having announced the SURFACE last year as a tabletop interface for hotels and other corporate concerns.

LG/Philips is on the touch bandwagon as they are set to rock CES with Multi-touch Screens that recognize input from either a touch of a finger or more precise writing instruments.

In addition to it’s multi touch capability, the screens also feature built in software for handwriting recognition, split screen displays from up to 3 sources, and transflective backlighting for outdoor use. But here’s the wild part … the technology can split light from the panel into separate paths, which can show three completely different images to people standing at different angles relative to the display. Yikes!

Available in ranges from 32 to 84 inch models, the Philips Multi Touchy displays use infrared image sensors that recognize two separate touch points as well as gestures. The result is a 1080p HDTV display which can be used for shopping malls, airports, public areas and home theater of the rich and famous.

Source: The Giz

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lrd Says: January 1, 2008 at 9:45 am

Can’t take it with you?? Give me the pretty girl. That’s my favorite size touch screen!

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