Boxing Grannies go head-to-head


boxing-granny1.jpgAs if racing is not enough, this pair of Boxing Grannies are willing to go all out to punch each other’s dentures (they have no more teeth, remember?) out of their mouths!

All that lifting of tea cups and hefty biscuits has given them some great upper body strength, and the time has come for them to find out who’s the top Granny. With an upper cut to strike terror into the hearts of any heavyweight (or paperweight at the very least), these Boxing Grannies will slog it out for victory. You control each Granny by pressing buttons on the base to power each arm, and if your Edna or Doris is hit in the right place, she will rock back on her feet, and your opponent scores a point. It’s a tough game, and these Grannies are not only up for the challenge, but can’t wait to get at each other. This may well be the beginning of something big…

I’m not too sure if a comically violent toy such as this will have negative repercussions on grandkids years down the road, but if you want to take the chance, the Boxing Grannies retail for £14.99 a pair.

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