SmartNav Hands-free Mouse Lets You Use Your Head

by Mark R


Yes, I really did tell a joke that is only fit for small children. However, the SmartNav from Natural Points is what I just said it is, a head-tracking device that uses head motion in order to move the mouse cursor.

How does it work? I believe it is installed on the top of the monitor and then the user puts a dot on their forehead, seriously. I’m not certain how this should track this dot, but it apparently works.

I’m sure you’re wondering: how do you click the mouse? Do you need to blink repeatedly? Actually, you need to install another PC peripheral, such as a foot pedal or something. How about this? A microphone attacked to the thing that can detect when you say the word “click”. That will do it.

Oh, but wait, what if you want to right click? Maybe you can detect it so you can say “left” or “right” and it does it. How about it?

Something tells me that this SmartNav hands-free mouse will do no good when trying to label a large amount of text. I mean, I hate working with just the touch pad. Well, you can try it out for about $224 to $400.


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Jean Azzopardi Says: December 27, 2007 at 1:11 am

You’re forgetting that these mice are very useful for the disabled, eg, partially paralysed, or even amputees. They’re not intended for able people.

Charles Says: December 28, 2007 at 12:21 pm

The camera emits infrared light, reflects off of the dot, then the camera track the head movement accordingly. NaturalPoint also offers Voice Click software for 5 bucks that lets you say click commands and they work. There’s also dwell click software in the AT model that allows you to hover the cursor over an icon and it will act like a double click.

As an earlier poster mentioned, disabled folks have used this for years as have people looking to alleviate ergonomic ailments.

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