3-in-1 Watch: Exchange unwanted Christmas Gifts for This

by Mark R

Stanley Calculator Watch

Ah, now that Christmas is, for the most part, over and you’ve opened all your gifts, you should concentrate on what you are going to exchange the unwanted gifts for.

Might I suggest you satisfy your inner geek and use that disposable income to purchase the 3-in-1 watch that has a ruler, calculator, and oh yeah, there’s a watch too.

To be honest, this is the first watch that I have seen to ever have a ruler attached. Even though it can only do about six inches, sometimes that is all you need. I suppose a tape measure would have been asking too much.

Even though this is the first watch I’ve seen with a ruler, it is of course not the only one with a calculator. I mean, that really is old news! I remember there used to be this one add on television where you could get it for $19.99. Heck, Michael J. Fox wore one in the Back to The Future films, if you look really close.

This calculator can function with eight digits, with E Error signs, and a decimal point. You should be able to get these Stanley Calculator Watch for about $26. So get going to the returns counter and get some cold hard cash for this classic timepiece.


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