School Zone Makes Us Safer, Like it or not

by Mark R

School Zone

I couldn’t help but think of the movie Blade Runner when I saw this next product. If you haven’t seen it, you should probably check out the latest version now available on DVD and those other formats.

The reason why I bring it up is because the 1982 film justly predicted that our urban sprawl would be decorated with as much electronics as possible. There is a scene in which a “Don’t Walk” sign has become a blaring voice commanding the citizens to “Cross now”. If you watch that scene, you feel this terrible feeling that machines are in charge of the future as they command them to cross the street like a harsh parent.

You can see how this applies to the School Zone. Though just a concept now, it is designed to make it safe for our children as elevated slabs that match the height of the curb come interlaced with LEDs, so arrows will point the way when it is safe to cross.

The completely modular School Zone slabs also have an added bonus of being a kind of speed bump or warning bump for cars. Not only that, people on wheelchairs will have easier access as they cross the street.

Well, who knows if this will come a reality. We would have to be really safety-crazed to think we need it, but I think we already are.


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