Latest Tech News – 24 December

by Tiago

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth goes for YouTube

I must admit this is a move that many people surely didn’t expect, having the Queen Elizabeth sending a dedicated message on YouTube, but taking in consideration the number of people she can affect this way, instead of going for the traditional route of the television, it is certainly a smart move.

So what it the message about? Christmas, of course! As far as I can tell, the video isn’t live yet, but you can check other Christmas messages and broadcasts of previous years, in the recently created YouTube channel – The Royal Channel.

According to the Queen, she expects this new kind of video Christmas message to be more personal and direct. If she is using YouTube this year, what did she use on 2006? Believe it or not, the message was in the form of a podcast.

FBI and the $1 billion project

The new $1 billion project for the FBI is suppose to be have the final result as the “world’s largest computer database of biometrics”, in other words, it will have fingerprints, among other biometric information, of plenty of people.

What good is it for? To offer the government a better way to identify people. Other details, such as digital images of faces, and palm patterns, are already on the compilation mode.

Dell PCs in Tesco stores

Starting next year, in January, the Tesco stores will begin selling Dell computers. With stores mainly located across Europe, the Dell XPS and Inspiron computers will be available in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, and other countries.

Source: Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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