Lens Accessory makes taking 3D pictures a snap

by James

Loreo 3D Lens for SLRs

Photographers looking to take their digital SLR hobby into a new dimension may want to check out the Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap. Easy to use as mounting onto your SLR body, The Loreo 3D incorporates a matched pair of lenses into one mounted unit, the 3D len transposes two images by means of the same beam splitting technology developed in the 60s for sci-fi drive-in movie cameramen.

Technical specs are as follows: the lens is built with two lens with a focal length of 38 mm which focus from 1 meter to infinity. The downside is that this setup is rather slow, with an f-stop rating of 11. But considering it’s splitting the light between two lens elements, one can’t expect a digital day at the races. But how it works is rather simple. Both lenses expose the camera’s CCD chip to the same image and are adusted automatically to produce the 3D effect, which can only be viewed with a 3D viewer or on a PC monitor thanks to Loren’s own 3D viewer software. Prints can also be made.

The Loren 3D Lens in a cap is available for Canon EOS & FD, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax K mount, Minolta MD and AF (which means it’ll probably also work on Sony Alpha models as well).

Prices range from $72 – $120 US.

Source: Red Ferret

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