Hyper Dash game from Wildplanet

by Mark R

Hyper Dash

Okay, I’m probably overdoing the whole “I’m reporting on products from Wildplanet” thing, but I like this product almost as much as I liked the whole Spy Video Car.

This Hyper Dash game is one of the coolest simply because it is so limitless as far as its gameplay. You see that long joystick-like object up there? You have to take that, and slam it onto the numbered discs up there.

Yes, it really is that simple. The thing is battery operated, so it shouts out what disks to slam, and you slam them. Settings can make it so a player can slam it down by number, or by color.

Just think of it as a kind of Whack-a-Mole that you can play from across the room. The points are all based on the time it takes for a player to whack all the targets, so as long as you don’t change the playing field, each one should have an even chance at targeting it.

I tried this out at my five-year-old’s birthday party, and it was quite a hit. Something tells me it would have been a hit at a party of people of any age.

You should be able to get it at WildPlanet’s Official Site for $24.95.

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