Coolest Gadgets in National Treasure: Book of Secrets

by Mark R

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Recent weekend stats have shown that National Treasure: Book of Secrets has surpassed its predecessor.

As a gadget blogger, I was amazed at the amount of cool gadgets displayed in this film, and would like to review several of them at once. None of these contain any spoilers to the film.

The Resolute Desk Collection: Made after some ship that I have never heard of before I saw this movie, the drawers in this desk are specially numbered so that something special will be revealed when the proper code is entered. Perfect for when you’ve got something to hide, and you don’t think anyone would have the nerve to crack open the desk to find it.

The President’s Book Vault: Even though the President has given you the location in the Library of Congress for this ultra secret book that has been passed down from president to president, you should probably keep it locked in the shelf itself. Who would think of looking for it where it would actually belong? Comes with old-school dialing lock mechanism.

The Big Balance Platform: If you have some lost treasure, and you need some deadly trap to guard it, what better than a Big Balance Platform? The Big Balance Platform cannot hold everybody in the raiding party, and thus some perhaps all members will fall off the edge to their death. Unless they figure out basic physics principles and shift their weight around.

Anyway, I have no availability date or price on those things, but hey, they’ve been around for quite a while.

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