Nissan Mini-Van comes with…Microwave oven?

by Mark R

Nissan Microwave

I got to hand it to Nissan for coming out with a Mini-Van that looks like it drove itself right out of a Spy Kids movie. Not only can it transport a family of spies to wherever, but it can provide snacks for them with its microwave oven.

Not only that, look at the windows, I mean anything from the door handle up, including the roof, is a window. And take a look at those seats! It looks like something only Emperor Palpatine would sit in.

In other words, our cars are starting to look as good, if not better than our homes! Where is this leading?

I tell you, pretty soon families will need to take out second or third mortgages for mini-vans, and will feel compelled to make trips in them. And they will be better than their own homes, and will just want to live on the road.

I guess I got no problem, provided the car has a access point and a bed that is comfortable. It looks like the way Nissan is going, they could easily put in a waterbed.

So, way to be on the cusp of it, Nissan. Not only does your car have a DVD player, seat speakers, and the microwave, but it will surely have other things as well. Too bad this is a concept only car.


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