Zoombak Pet and Auto Locator

by Mark R


Gotta love that Hanson. They prophesized the Zoombak Pet and Auto Locator ten years before its release when they sang “Zoombak, Zoombak, Zoombak”. All right, I guess it was mmmbop, sorry.

Still, the Zoombak is worth singing about. The Zoombak is a GPS that is smaller than a deck of cards and weighs less than three ounces. Once it is activated, it releases a signal that someone can find 24/7.

It is perfect for the prevention of car theft. Since the Zoombak is small, it can go in the car virtually undetected. Then all you have to do is track the thief to his chop shop, and you can bust the thief in the act.

It is also good on pets, as it can be put on a dog’s collar unnoticed. Then if the dog gets out, it can be tracked within a few feet.

The Zoombak has a lot of great features including the way users can create a “safety zone” around the designated area. You can locate someone and receive updates via email, text message, or even from the website. In fact, it automatically updates a user when a GPS device will leave the safety zone.

If it is something you like, you can get it for about $199-249.


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