Get your own voice on your GPS!

by Mark R

Your PND

Gotta love driving these new cars with their GPS devices. With their mechanical voices saying “turn left”, “turn right”, or “next corner”. But it’s all so darn, oh I don’t know, impersonal. Can’t I have the voice that I want in there?

Well, if I go over to the Your PND website, I can do that. However, there are a few obstacles. Number one, I don’t know the language. The thing is that I need 7 euros (so that’s what in USD?) The other obstacles is the need of a microphone, but that is easily overcome.

If you can get through that, you can make some voice recordings, download them, then transfer them to your TomTom. That is a GPS system, not some weird innuendo, by the way. By the way, TomTom looks like the only GPS compatible with YourPND, but Garmin, Mio, and MyGuide will soon be ready to work.

Obviously, the possibilities are endless. I’m not certain if it is good to have your own voice on your GPS. Especially when you miss a turn. Maybe it would be good to have another person’s voice, like a famous celebrity. Like James Brown, Paris Hilton, or that one X-wing pilot from Star Wars: “Stay on target. Stay on Target!”


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Walt Says: December 20, 2007 at 8:54 pm

As if the voices in my head aren’t enough already.

I wish I could be so vain to have my voice echo through my GPS.

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