Disposable Soles Concept = Gross!

by Carolyn


I found a most disturbing and gross conceptual product today through Gizmodo. Disposable Soles. Like for your feet…so you can walk around “barefoot” without having to have your feet touch anything but some gross film you stick to your feet. From the site:

Some people like it barefoot, some like house slippers. For those that fall in the latter check out these Disposable Soles by Jun-Soo Choi. They come in a stand premade sticky. Just step on it and you’re off. Supposedly it’s a good way of maintaining hygiene and protects your feet.

Supposedly? Or it could supposedly be the worst waste of resources to date. I could totally see coming home from work to see all three of my cats tangled up in a mess of Disposable Soles, cat hair and cat food mewling pathetically at the indignity and embarrassment of the whole situation. Is it “post-it note” sticky, “packing tape” sticky or just disgusting “rubber cement” sticky? And if they’re sturdy enough to handle you walking around in them, how do you get them off your feet when you’re done with your sanitary barefoot stroll? Blowtorch? Wishing? Bueller?

What’s next – buckets of instant sanitizer next to your front door so you can dip everything as you return home?

I have a great way to avoid unhygienic situations with my feet – I wear SHOES.

No word on pricing. Not sure if I care!

[Yanko Design via Gizmodo]

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WasAfan Says: December 20, 2007 at 2:01 pm

Boy, the reviews here are really going down the toilet. Nothing but a soap box for your personal issues anymore. I used to enjoy coming here. 🙁

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