Phantom Lapboard isn’t vaporware after all


Phantom Lapboard

I don’t know if you pay much attention to gaming news, but a few years back there was a company touting a revolutionary gaming console that you could get for free with a monthly subscription that would net you game downloads. Well, needless to say it’ll be arriving around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever (See: never). While we all pretty much guessed from the start that it would never come out, I thought that their combination keyboard/mouse lapboard was pretty cool. So when someone told me that they were actually selling it as a standalone product, I flipped.

The idea behind this product is that some people might use their TV as a computer, or even have their monitor next to their couch or recliner. You have a full-sized keyboard that sits at a slight angle (up to 22 degrees) and underneath is a plastic slab for you to use your mouse on.

The keyboard and mouse are both wireless, and will take care of your basic needs. The tried to keep the keyboard small, so there’s no numberpad (which means you won’t be doing your accounting on the couch). You’ll get a couple of extra media buttons, which will come in handy if you have an HTPC. The unit sells for $129, and is available now. I’m still going to remain just a bit skeptical until I see one of these in the wild.

Source: Phantom Entertainment

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