Philips SA6145 4GB/Go

by Mark R

SA 6145

Just try and picture that movie trailer guy’s voice when I say this: “In a world where PMPs are a dime a dozen, one PMP must do a dozen for a dime”.

Yes, it is true that there a lot of PMP players out there, and I will have to say that the Philips SA6145 4GB/Go may not do as much as say, the one named after a fruit with a little “i” in front of it, but hey, who says it has to.

Yes, the Philips SA6145 4GB/Go can do everything an iPod (Oh, I said it) can, such as play music, video, show pictures, etc. The difference is that the Philips SA6145 4GB can do them cooler.

First of all, I found that the included software was a lot easier to install, than say, iTunes. I also found the Device Manage simply downloaded everything that was already on my computer, which made it easy to get the thing working as soon as I plugged it in to my USB port for the first time.

I also found that the screen was sideways, which was a little better than a screen that is higher than it is wide. The controls were simple, which made the SA6145 4GB/Go one very nice PMP player to play with.

If you like it, it is available on Amazon for a price of $150.00.

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