Gift Ideas for the College Student


Have you got a student in the family and you’re stuck on what to buy them for Christmas, well you could give them money and wash them spend it in the nearest bar or buy them one of these cool gadgets, no contest.



Titanium Spork

Save on washing up with the is it a fork, is it a spoon, no it’s the titanium spork.

The Titanium Spork is ready for the challenge. Titanium is known for its great strength, corrosion resistance, and light weight, which makes this spork a valuable asset around feeding time. Imagine how much more food you could shovel in at your local buffet if you didn’t have to worry about the strain of picking up a heavy fork or spoon. Your food consumption can become the stuff of legends.

Cost : $8.99

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Inka Pen Travel Pen

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years and it comes in so handy always having a write anywhere pen (even underwater and outerspace) on me, the Inka Pen.

The Inka Pen stores in its stainless steel case as a harmless looking keychain fob. A quick pull, and out pops the carbon fiber pen with its pressurized ink cartridge. Because it is pressurized, you can write at any angle, at any altitude, even underwater! And if you’re going to be writing for some time, you can unscrew the stainless steel fob and reconfigure your pen into Full-Size mode (that means it is, well, full size). There’s even a hidden stylus! The Inka Pen is the ultimate in portable writing.

Cost : $14.99

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Drinking Gifts

Drinking Gadgets

Okay so it won’t help with their education but I’m sure any of the drinking gadgets in our drinkers gift guide would go down a storm.


Memory Stick

USB Memory Stick

It’s a bit scary being able to fit all of your college work from the past 5 years on a tiny USB memory stick, I’m a fan of the Cruzer Titanium but there are plenty of others to choose from.

The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium is rugged, fast and smart. Built with a Liquidmetal casing that is crush resistant to over 2000 lbs it also has lightning fast speed of up to 15MB/s write and read performance. Cruzer Titanium provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capabable flash drive it is virtually a computer in your pocket; with U3, your programs are available at any time on any PC. In addition, a retractable USB port protects and eliminates the need for cover caps.

Cost : from $8.99

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Prevent the arm ache from taking notes with a hi-tech dictaphone.

A cool white finish surrounds this compact, take-anywhere voice recorder with 36 hours of continuous recording time and a large LCD that displays recording status, battery life and more. File management and other options is an cinch with the easy-to-use menu. Features like Voice Activation and Timer Recording give you the flexibility to just sit back and relax.

Cost : from ~$20

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foot warmer

Ergonomic Foot Warmer

Student often spend, well should spend a long time in front of the computer, so buy them an Ergonomic Foot Warmer to keep the tootsies cosy.

This 3-way adjustable foot warmer provides an ergonomic low-wattage heated footrest. Unlike industrial space heaters that can overload circuits, this low-wattage heater is designed for home or office environments, and draws less than one ampere, so it wont overload a circuit, and it operates at 90-watts, yet distributes ambient warmth across all 11/2′ sq. of its surface.

Cost : $79.95

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Handyman’s Chrome-Vanadium Tool Set

The Tool Set

Fed up with your tools never being returned, buy them the Handyman’s Chrome-Vanadium Tool Set (124-piece w/ Cordless Drill).

This 124-piece tool set contains all the tools needed by a handyman. Made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel, a metal compound stronger and more rust-resistant than carbon steel, the tools are housed in a sturdy, well-organized portable case, secured with elastic straps, and five pliable foam dividers protect the tools.

Cost : $329.95

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Amazon Kringle

Amazon Kindle

Let them study on the move with the new electronic wireless book the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle Store currently carries more than 90,000 books plus newspapers, magazines, and blogs. For your convenience, you can shop the Kindle Store directly on Kindle or on your PC via Either way, all titles are wirelessly delivered right to your Kindle for free. We pay for the wireless delivery charges so you don’t have to. Buy a book and we auto-deliver it to you wirelessly in one minute.

The Kindle Store provides the same Amazon shopping experience you’re used to, including customer reviews, personalized recommendations, 1-Click purchasing, and everyday low prices. Check the store often; we’re adding new titles every day.

Cost : $399.99

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Looking for other people to buy for, check out our other 2007 Christmas Gadget Gift Guides.


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Matt Gift Says: March 2, 2011 at 2:16 am

Some good choices here but I’m sure the only one my college student would really appreciate fully would be the funny beer glasses.

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