Latest Tech News – 12 December

by Tiago


Download DivX Pro for free

The DivX folks have become generous during this Christmas season, and decided to give the Pro version of the DivX player for free. Usually, it costs $20, but they are offering the software on their website, as a freebie. There is no information related to the end date of the promotion, so head over to the download link and get it while it doesn’t cost anything.

PS – DivX Pro is available for Windows and Mac.

Try a Phone online

In case you’ve been seriously looking for a new cellphone, but want to experience how easy (or hard) it is to use, don’t go to physical stores, instead, visit TryPhone and you can have the usability experience online.

The new and useful website provides a simulation on how the cellphone works. Basically there is an image of the phone, so you can press the buttons and check the actions. Imagine you want to see how to send a text message on an iPhone – rather than going to an Apple store, visit this link and see almost everything that can be done with the iPhone. Currently, the TryPhone website is in beta mode, so don’t be surprised if you found some bugs.

On top of the simulations that can help you decide which device to purchase, there are also reviews created by users, and a specifications list for each cellphone. There are only 4 mobile phone models available at the moment – iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Verizon Juke, and Sprint Muziq – but I bet they will add more in the near future.

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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