Super Mario Power Up! Energy Drink

by Carolyn

super_mario_energy_drink.jpgJust when you thought Nintendo has fully and completely saturated the marketplace with Super Mario Bros. related products, there’s always a surprise up their sleeve to make you part with your hard earned Yen (or Dollars or Pounds).

The new Super Mario Power Up! Energy Drink is a Nintendo marketing executive’s most delicious fantasy. The new energy drink is supposed to taste like “blue-raspberry”, but I have a feeling if it’s like most energy drinks, it’ll taste like week-old plumbers socks. However, as it is popular with other energy drinks, I sense this product will find its way into a mix of ice and vodka. Perfect for your next gaming night of Mario Kart and Wii Sports. Recipe would go something like this:

1 can Super Mario Power Up! Energy Drink
1 shot Grey Goose Vodka
4 ice cubes

Pour all into a glass and drink. Then go kick ass at any game with a Mario Brother in it.


A hilarious note on the can states, clearly marked, that “Product not intended for children”. Hmm. Could it be that the last thing you want to give a kid is MORE energy? Unless they’re running on a giant hamster wheel powering up your Nintendo Wii, I’d skip giving it to the kids and stick with the adults. With vodka, of course.

Pick some up at GKWorld for $2.95 a can. (Or, if you’re across the pond, go to CyberCandy to get your power up.)

[Technabob with photo from Flickr]

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