Aquamaker AM10

by Mark R

Aquamaker AM10

Anyone remember what Luke Skywalker did on Tatooine before he joined the Rebellion? Well, besides going to the Hitachi station and look at power converters, he was a moisture farmer. That’s right, his planet was so hot that his family had to resort to pulling water from the air.

It appears Star Wars technology has been brought to life with the AquaMaker AM10. It can generate potable water from moisture harvested from the air. In fact, it can get up to 36 liters in 38 hours.

That’s pretty good, and I’m guessing that these will probably be put in offices everywhere, and we can all say: “Hey, Culligan Man, I don’t need you anymore, so take you and you’re annoying ads and get out of here”.

But why stop with just offices? Aren’t there people in the world that don’t get enough water to drink? Don’t these people deserve a chance at fresh water just like we do? As God as my witness, they will never go thirsty again! I see a world where there is an AquaMaker AM10 in every corner of the desert. Especially when the AquaMaker AM10 has an air filter that removes dust, spores, and bacteria, which can clean the air, for crying out loud.

I believe the price-tag is about $1,200, along with a $15 per day operating price. That might be a little too expensive to scatter them about. At least for now.

Via Boing Boing

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Neagle Says: December 11, 2007 at 9:43 pm

Nifty but, at an average of $1.23 a day for delivered water service I do not think this can be viewed as an equitable investment. I admit, it would be cool to moisture farm.

Tony Says: December 12, 2007 at 7:14 am

We tried one of these in our office. In theory it sounds great, but, in reality it didn’t work too well. Since it relies on humidity to make water it doesn’t do so hot in an air conditioned (dehumidified) environment. It didn’t come close to keeping up with our water needs and the water tasted funny.

Emily Says: April 7, 2008 at 11:29 am

Actually I just bought the AM10 shown in the picture and I have to say it makes close to 7 gallons of water in my office and I live in Dallas Texas. Of course the unit will not make any water in a dry places because the water has to come from the air but that was also disclosed upfront during my purchase. I asked for a AM10 for my mother in Illinois but they said they would not sell it because it would not make water for certain periods of the month. I was impressed by this because they had a sale and did not take it. They looked out for me and were very upfront and honest about their product and its benefits as well as its limitations. When I saw that it was posted the cost of 15 dollars per day I almost fell out of my seat. When I purchased my unit i was given a chart of electricity consumption and it is shows exact consumption per day which is not even one dollar per day at full capacity. I would really urge you too look into water generation a little closer because for most of us it beats having to pay for water for the rest of our lives when we can produce it in our homes and not have to worry about the city contamination or full and empty bottles to be stored or high costs associated with cooler systems. When I used to buy bottles it almost seemed like I was paying more for the transportation and production of plastic rather than what I really want to pay…just water. So yes I do love my water generator…as you can I don’t think it is a product for everyone but it is definitely worth looking into for yourself and finding out the true facts.

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