New Ski design Rocks … literally

by James

Spada Skis

Thanks to our friends over at Yanko Design, skiers looking for an edge can not only ski down a mountain, they can ski WITH one as well. Literally. That’s because this “out of the box” design for snow skis, incorporates granite as a major design element. That’s right, I said granite.

The creator is hi-tech ski guru Simon Jacomet, who makes custom made skis for the hard core and only 500 lucky users a year. His new skis, dubbed Spada (Roman for sword), are made with Grisons granite, a stone that has ideal flexing characteristics when coupled Technocarbon. This new Carbon Fibre Stone technology, was developed by TechnoCarbon Technologies of Munich, and it gives the skis extreme strength, flexibility and resilience and with a core of aluminum to dampen vibration, the result is a ski that can grip the snow and not rattle the wearer into the ground. “It makes fast and precise slaloms seem like child’s play, like effortlessly gliding on rails,” says Jacomet’s Zai website.

Spada 2

Spada’s can be used by both expert downhill racer or beginner on the bunny slopes. They come in 160 cm in length with a weight of just under 5600 g per pair with binding plate and binding.

No word yet on price or availability, but the picture sure shows these babies look fast and extremely stoneage cool.

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