Toshiba offers carbon-neutral laptop


toshiba-carbon.jpgEveryone wants a piece of the green action these days, and with Toshiba it is no different. The Japanese electronics giant has stated on its web site that UK consumers have the option to fork out an additional £1.18 monthly whenever they pick up a laptop, and Toshiba will, on their behalf, plant a tree. These trees will be located just outside the village in the Sand Martin Wood and although you have no say in what plants you would like to see, Toshiba has certainly made some wise choices comprised of “a typical mix of native UK, broad-leafed trees…including oak, ash, beech and willow as well as suitable understory like thorn and hazel.” These will be planted across a time span of two years.

One great thing about this idea is, you don’t even need to purchase a Toshiba laptop to join in the initiative. If you have enough real estate to plant a tree, go ahead, but if you don’t, you can always let Toshiba do the gardening work for you as long as you make the requisite £1.18 donation. This is a great way to help increase environmental awareness to the people around since computers are notorious for their relatively large carbon footprints, and to see a computer company pick up this initiative is always heart-warming. Toshiba isn’t first off the blocks to do so though, as Dell has already beat them to the punch with their “Plant a Tree for Me” initiative which was launched earlier this year. Dell’s effort saw a partnership with The Conservation Fund and to offer customers the chance to purchase the right amount of foliage (more is also welcome) in order to offset the environmental impact of the number of devices they have, ranging from laser printers to desktops, workstations, and servers.

Hopefully these companies will also come up with better ideas on how to recycle their disposed systems, as those constitute to a whole lot of garbage in the world.

Source: Ars Technica

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