DSVision to bring books and music to your Nintendo DS



If you’re like me, your Nintendo DS goes just about everywhere with you. It comes in handy during those periods of downtime that are inevitable in everyday life. I’ve wished for some time that it could do more than just play games. Sure, there is an adapter that allows you to surf the net over a wireless connection, but that’s about it. That is unless you live in Japan. Over there they currently have a TV tuner, and soon a new alternative.

DSVision is a combination of hardware and software. First, you have the microSD adapter that looks just like any other game for your DS. You’ll then be able to buy and transfer music, books, comic and movies over the net onto it.

This cool service will debut in Japan this January and will come with a 512MB card and the adapter for just $37. What’s strange is that the content delivery service won’t go live until March. No word on how much they will charge for the mobile content, or if it will ever be making its way over here to the US.

Ed: The M3/R4 does what the DSVision will, and they’ve been out for over a year already. Unfortunately, those are like the Force – there are Light and Dark sides to it, so choose wisely.
Source: Gearlog

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