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dancetown.jpgThe Dancetown Fitness System is a brand new revolutionary fitness system that brings together the benefits of dance as well as physical exercise (sounds like the Wii in some ways, eh?) in the form of a computer game. Now now, where have we heard of such an idea before? This unique fitness system aims to transform fitness and wellness in the adult segment, in particular targeting the senior living industry. The Dancetown Fitness System touts to improve quality of life for adults by giving them a fresh outlook on health and a compelling, enjoyable reason to exercise. And I thought that living longer is more than enough reason to go out there and sweat.

According to Jeff Pepper, President and CEO of Touchtown, “Dancetown is a giant step forward in our long-term commitment to serving the senior living community. Physical exercise is vitally important for adults, and we’ve developed a completely new approach that makes it appealing as well as effective. Dancetown is the start of a wellness transformation and it is the first product we know of that combines physical fitness, brain fitness, social interaction, and fun for adults.” Claiming to be a complete fitness system for enhancing physical, mental and emotional health, there isn’t any concrete benchmarks to back that up but research is currently being carried out to measure Dancetown’s impact on adults’ health. It is said that potential benefits include improved cardiovascular health, and improved memory and attention, reduced risk of falls and osteoporosis.

Do you suppose the Dancetown Fitness System will be able to sell more than the Wii? With titles like Wii Fit ready to take over the world by storm, I see that the Dancetown Fitness System could have a pretty tough time flying off the shelves, but then again with the scarcity of Nintendo’s surprise motion controlled console, you could see a handful of curious onlookers willing to give it a go. Do you already have a Wii, and do you think that the Wii has more than its fair share of titles that make you break into a sweat or do you prefer something that is more specific and in tune to help you lose weight like the Dancetown Fitness System? I guess it all boils down to the individual, and if you can afford it, why not get both?

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