Delphi SKYFi3 + Vehicle Kit

by Mark R


I don’t know if everyone is on the XM Satellite radio track yet, but if you want jump on this train, you may want to consider the SKYFi3 + Vehicle Kit from Delphi.

The SKYFi3 has a large, over 2 inch screen that prominently displays the channel and the song that is playing. The XM Radio syncs up with your own FM radio, without any Bluetooth or connectors older radios would not come with.

This is one XM player that really comes with many features. It is advertised as having unlimited MP3s, and the reason why is because it has a miniSD reader. In fact, it makes a claim that is the first satellite receiver to have this feature. Apparently, this SKYFi3 has the ability to record your favorite tunes and keep them for downloading.

As for the internal memory, it can time-shift up to 10 hours, which means that recordings can be started anytime during live listening mode. The SKYFi3 also boasts a 30-minute pause and replay feature, allowing you to stop your music for up to a half-hour.

The SKYFi3 + Vehicle Kit comes with lots connectors, including one that connects directly to your lighter. It also comes with a cradle that has the channel presets. The SKYFi3 + Vehicle Kit is available at retail stores for about $199.99, but there is a sale on it from the site for $119.99.

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