Bluetrek ST1 Bluetooth headset


srslabs.jpgSRS Labs and ModeLabs Technologies have come to an agreement to include the former’s patented audio and bass enhancement technology for use in the new Bluetrek ST1 Bluetooth headset. What can we find in the Bluetrek ST1 anyways? First off, it is a Bluetooth v1.2 enabled stereo headset, which makes it just about compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled product that provides music playback, including cellphones, MP3 players, and computers that support Bluetooth
the neck.

The moment either mono or stereo content is received by the Bluetrek ST via Bluetooth, the SRS WOW HD will automatically process it for a superior audio entertainment experience with crisp highs, deep lows and immersive realism. According to Henri-Nicolas Olivier, Chief Executive Officer for ModeLabs Technologies, “Bluetrek specializes in blending innovative designs with cutting edge technologies for the mobile lifestyle. We chose to partner with SRS because they have a proven track record as one of the leading audio solutions providers and our products cater to the tastes of style-conscious consumers and tech-savvy enthusiasts who want the best audio experience possible.”

Just in case you might be skeptical about the type of improvement SRS WOW HD provides, SRS Labs assures you that audio performance will reach levels that you never really experienced before with a humble Bluetooth headset, particularly when you’re listening to highly compressed music files. SRS WOW HD will expand the size of the perceived audio image, creating a 3D wall of sound. It will also incorporate psychoacoustic bass enhancement techniques which enhance low
frequencies and their harmonics creating a deeper and richer bass experience. When dealing with high frequencies, SRS WOW is no slouch, as it improves definition and clarity. In addition, a truly unique aspect of SRS WOW HD is its ability to restore information that is lost by traditional recording and playback techniques, creating a more natural and realistic audio experience.

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