Logitech Alto Connect Notebook Stands Series

by Mark R

Alto Connect
This isn’t the first time that the Logitech Alto has been mentioned on this site, but I felt that their latest forays into the world of Notebook stands is worth mentioning.

The Alto Connect comes in two parts which connect together to form an X that your computer rests on. Plug in the Connect to an AC outlet plug, then attach via USB, and your screen is now at eye level. Of course, you probably should get yourself a USB keyboard, as it is hard to type at an angle. Fortunately, the Logitech Alto Connect Notebook Stand has USB ports to spare.

Alto Connect Express
Some may prefer a Notebook stand that the AC power action. You should try the Alto Express Notebook Stand, which is a specially shaped plexiglass on which the laptop rests. You will also need a USB or similarly attachable keyboard.

I am not certain what the notebook stand market is, but I believe that we may see a rise in it with problems like carpal tunnel and such going awry. In other words, the notebook stand market may not be booming now, but there may come a time when every laptop user should have one.

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