In search of a laptop – My Black Friday adventure


HP dv6607nr

Black Friday has finally passed. Some people braved the crowds in search of the best deals, while others stayed in the safety of their own homes. I was one of the crazy people who made their way to the stores in search of an awesome deal. I might be crazy for doing it, but now I’ve finally replaced my recently deceased laptop. Here’s the tale of just what it took to get my hands on it.

Like many people, I checked through the Black Friday ads several days in advance, this way I could make sure that I got the best possible deal. After much deliberating, I ended up deciding on the HP Pavilion dv6607nr at Best Buy for $449. That’s around $200 cheaper than I’d find for something similar directly from HP, and it fit all of my needs. The best part is that Best Buy had a couple of other laptops that I knew would be in higher demand, so my odds of claiming one of these was pretty decent.

I’m a night owl, so I was up pretty late the night before Thanksgiving. I just happened to check out the Best Buy website to double-check one of the specs on the laptop when I discovered that they had it listed for sale online. For an extra $30 I could have the same laptop next Tuesday, and I wouldn’t have to spend countless hours out in the freezing cold. So I placed my order, and after receiving my confirmation email, I went to bed.

After finishing up my Thanksgiving dinner I drove back home, and decided to stop by Best Buy to see what sort of line had formed. It was around 8:30, and about 22 degrees outside, yet already well over a hundred and fifty people. Had I not found the notebook for sale online, I would be one of those crazy people. I thanked my good fortune and drove home. When I double-checked my order status, it still showed everything to be alright, with my order to be delivered the following Tuesday.

I woke up the next morning (Black Friday) around 10am and decided to once again check on my order, because I’m always paranoid about such things. That’s when my heart sank, the laptop was placed on backorder, and wouldn’t ship for 1-2 weeks. Knowing how great Best Buy is with their online orders, I feared that it might never be fulfilled. That’s when I decided to brave the crowds and drive down to the store.

To say that the store was in a state of chaos would be putting it lightly. I’ve worked retail on Black Friday before, so I was prepared. After making my way back to the laptops I cornered an employee and questioned him about the particular laptop I was wanting. He said I was in luck, and he still had two in stock. Great, right? Had this not been Best Buy, he’d have gotten me one and I’d have been on my way. Alas, I still had to fight for my prize.

The associate then told me that the only one he had left already had an antivirus preinstalled, so I’d have to buy it as-is for $529. I actually worked at Best Buy some time ago, so I’m quite familiar with this scam (though I refused to use it when I worked there) so I explained to the guy that he really didn’t need to try that with me, and that the more time he spent arguing with me was less time he could be trying to sell service plans to other people. He still wouldn’t budge, and that’s when I remembered what he said when I first approached him: he’s got two in stock.

He wasn’t happy when I inquired about the second laptop still in stock. He even tried to dissuade me from purchasing it “because I wouldn’t be protected.” That’s pretty ballsy move considering how much time I spent telling him that I did not want their antivirus software. I was nearly ready to call his manager over when he begrudgingly retrieved the laptop. He then took it to the Geek Squad counter and told the guy not to bother trying to sell me anything else and left without another word to me.

In the end I got the laptop I wanted, and I was fortunate enough not to wait out in the cold for hours to do so. Sure the guy at Best Buy was very rude to me, but I really didn’t expect anything less. I’ve only barely had the chance to get it out and play with it, but I like it so far. I’ll give you guys an update once I have a chance to really break it in. How did everyone else fair on the busiest shopping day of the year?

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Al Says: November 24, 2007 at 11:03 am

Congrats on the Laptop Chris, we don’t have Best Buy at this side of the pond but service does sound very similar to PC World.

Richard Says: November 24, 2007 at 11:31 am

I went to 5 stores at 5 am in the morning to try to get a 80gb Zune and all of them had already sold out. After that disappointment, I decided to just walk around and go to other stores just to see their deals and watch all the crazy people stay in line for hours just to get some rechargeable batteries for $10 less. Then, in Walmart(i usually don’t shop there) of all places I finally found my prize and got the last 80gb Zune for only 100% of the retail price. What a deal that was. All i had to do to get it was get up at 3:30am in the morning, Drive a total of 50miles going from place to place, and paying full retail price for something that I probably could have gotten online at Newegg for the same price and have it sent here in three days. But I guess the gas price outweighs the waiting time because it was worth it in the end. Hope you guys enjoyed my little tale of the Zune.
P.S. Even though i was one of the first into Frys(first store i went to), someone bought the WHOLE cart of Zunes they had. Thats gotta be a couple of thousands of dollars. I’m STILL wondering what they are going to do with all of them…

Mike Says: November 25, 2007 at 6:17 pm

Glad you got your laptop in the end!

Myself, I got up at about 5:20, headed to the mall around 6:00 and got in line at GameStop hoping for a Wii. The girl in front of me said she arrived at about 3:30, got her Wii, and is now back to get some games. According to her, they had about 45 or so Wiis. By then, I didn’t really expect to be getting one but I figured I should wait in line just in case. Well. . . I ended up getting the 2nd to last one, so I was pretty excited! 🙂 To bad I have to wait until Christmas to use it. 🙁

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