Gift Ideas for the Chef


If you know somebody that enjoys spending time in the kitchen then these next 6 gadgets should be right up their street, here’s our list of gift ideas for the cook.


fork thermometer

Fast-Read Fork Thermometer

If you are fed up being served burnt burgers at your friends BBQ, give them some help with the fork thermometer.

This cooks thermometer fork uses a highly sensitive copper tip and powerful internal microprocessor to give accurate temperature readings in three seconds, less than a third of the time of lesser models. The built-in display gives information for beef, chicken, pork, and fish, providing the user with the current status (Rare, Medium, Medium-Well, and Well) for each.

Price: $29.95
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Hot / Cold Serving Tray

Hot / Cold Serving Tray

This could come in very handy on Christmas day, the Hot / Cold Serving Tray keeps your food at the right temperature.

No need to worry about ice, or electricity, with our Hot/Cold Serving tray.

This one-of-a-kind tray features thermo-sensitive oil within it that helps keep the contents cool or warm for hours. It is a convenient, safe, clean way to serve foods to your family and guests. It heats easily in the oven or on the stove top, and it is easily cooled in the refrigerator.

Cost: $29.95
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spice rack

Digital Spice Rack

I must admit I wasn’t expecting to see a digital spice rack.

A spice rack, digital cookbook and timer, all in one handy kitchen tool! Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack. Convenient countertop unit that also digitally displays recipes and tracks cooking time at the touch of a button! 2 revolving holders house 8 bottles each. And you can skip scribbling down grocery lists and recipes. Instead, remove the SmartSpice portable cookbook module and tote it around your kitchen or to the supermarket… it digitally stores recipes. Search for over 200 easy-to-follow recipes by spice, herb or food type; also stores U.S. / metric conversions and recipe-related abbreviations;

Cost: $64.95
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Wall-Mounted Digital Scale And Clock

Save space and take the guess work out of measuring with the hi-tech digital scales.

This wall-mounted digital clock has a removable food scale that can be placed on a countertop or table, eliminating the need to provide counter-space for both appliances. The scale is controlled entirely by a touchscreen, and it slides over the clock and locks into place, and when removed and used to weigh food or items up to 7 lbs., it uses an infrared signal to transmit its measurements in either metric or imperial readings to the easy-to-read backlit display mounted to the wall. When not in use as a scale, the display provides time and room temperature.

Cost: $89.95
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Food Saver

FoodSaver V2840

This is a somewhat interesting concept, laminate your food with the FoodSaver.

Combining a wide range of advanced features and a heavy-duty design, this home vacuum-packaging system vacuums, seals, and shuts off automatically with a single touch. The unit provides two vacuum speeds and an adjustable food setting that ensures a secure seal for dry or moist food. Canister mode achieves the best vacuum on canisters and accessories, and for vacuum packaging delicate foods, the unit’s CrushFree Instant Seal function immediately stops the vacuum process to prevent crushing.

The appliance works with FoodSaver accessories and FoodSaver bags, which are safe to freeze, boil, or microwave, and are proven to prevent freezer burn. The unit’s built-in roll holder and cutter simplify making custom-size bags, while its extra-wide sealing strip with nonstick coating provides a secure, airtight seal.

Cost: $129.99
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Smart Shopper – Voice Recognition Shopping List

If you know somebody who always needs to make two trips to the shop to get the milk, improve their memory with the SmartShopper electronic shopping list.

This is an easy-to-use electronic kitchen gadget that helps you easily create your grocery list. It uses Nuance’s state-of-the-art voice recognition technology to record, and adds to your list, any grocery item or errand you tell it. Once your list is complete, it will print an organized list out for you to take with you.

Cost: $149.95

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4 reviews or comments

Neagle Says: November 24, 2007 at 7:05 pm


Give the Kershaw Shun Stainless 9 inch Bread Knife, Saw through those 3 layer club sandwiches like a hot wire through butter. Any Shun knife will make any serious cook drool.

Take fresh sausage or hamburgers to the extreme with a Commercial-Grade Electric Grinder from Cabela’s,

Al Says: November 24, 2007 at 7:12 pm

LOL, cheers Neagle, I did think mine were more gadgety though 🙂

Anthony Says: May 28, 2011 at 10:50 am

The only cool 1’s were the food saver and the scale clock, but the clock was definitely not $90 cool

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