Gift Ideas for the Puzzle Lover


So far we’ve written gift guides for Robot Toys, Remote Control Toys, Golfer Gifts, Digital Picture Frames, Handyman and Office Worker. This next guide is for those individuals who like puzzles (or those friends you haven’t a clue what to buy them).

If you like giving presents that require thought by both parties, how about one of these coolest puzzles (okay the nails aren’t that cool (we just listed in case you’re skinted rather than minted)).



Nails Parlor Puzzle

These twisted nails make a great stocking filler (only $1.95) they look really easy to separate but looks can be deceiving.

Available at Parlor Puzzles from $1.95.
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Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzle

Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles

A lot of strange (but cool) stuff comes out of Japan and these puzzles are no exception and are guaranteed to have the recipient pulling their hair out.

The Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles are based on classic mechanical puzzles from around the world. What makes these puzzles so appealing is how you always seem to be on the verge of solving them. The precision metal casting becomes apparent as you try to separate the parts of each one to solve it. They are just sooo close to coming apart you will be cringing with delight. Solutions are NOT included…

For sale at Think Geek for $9.99 each.
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don’t break the bottle corkscrew edition

Don’t Break the Bottle

This is like two gifts in one, firstly a bottle of wine (need to buy that separtately) but before you can get at it you’ve got to solve the puzzle (without cutting the rope).

  • Great gift for the wine enthusiast with a sense of humor.
  • Ingenious gift that will amuse and infuriate.
  • Use Don’t Break the Bottle as a lively party game.
  • Fits standard wine, herb vinegar, olive oil, and pop bottles.
  • 21 and up, Difficulty: Medium

Don’t Break the Bottle is available for $24.48.
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Rubik’s Revolution

Rubik’s Revolution

The old Rubik’s cube is somewhat tame compared to this one.

  • An electronic version of the best-selling Rubik’s Cube
  • Multiple challenging levels
  • 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games in one
  • Games include Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Code Cracker, Multiplayer Madness and Cube Catcher
  • Features lights and sound effects
  • Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another

Rubik’s Revolution is available for $24.95.
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Select-A-Map Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the only custom jigsaw puzzle created for you from a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map when you select any address in the United States. Once you send your selected address, house number, street name, city, and state, to the manufacturer, a 400-piece jigsaw puzzle kit is created using quality 1.5mm millboard and delivered in a gift box that includes an area on the front for a personalized message.

The select a map puzzle costs $39.95
you can also buy puzzles based on personal photographs and the New York Times.
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Isis Puzzle

The Isis – the most difficult pussle in the world

  • For more than a year, the ISIS has challenged the most accomplished puzzle experts in the United Kingdom. At last, the ISIS phenomenon – “the most difficult puzzle ever” – has come to America.
  • Each ISIS is unique, with just one solution.
  • The puzzle is a gleaming orb, handcrafted in England of a premier alloy of aluminum and constructed of precisely engineered, moveable bands.
  • Each band is etched with hieroglyphics; the challenge is to position those bands in the right combination to unlock the ISIS. You are given 10 encrypted clues to decipher.
  • Crack the ISIS code and receive access to the Award Zone, where you will have the chance to win such prizes as $1,000 cash or a massage chair worth $2,000!

You can buy the Isis puzzle from Sharper Image for $199.95.icon
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