Illuminated Ambience Chiller


ambiance-chiller.jpgNo, your eyes definitely ain’t fooling you when you take a look at the Illuminated Ambiance Chiller lighting up in different shades after you have downed your fifth pint for the evening.

This illuminated wine/champagne chiller casts a warm glow of several different colors (yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, and red). Select the fusion mode and these colors slowly change. Choose the freeze mode to “freeze” your favorite in place. Durable plastic and aluminum provide lasting insulation when ice or water is added. Frosted semi-transparent finish. Rechargeable. Includes LED SMD power supply/charger unit. Takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. Stays lit approximately 8 hours when charged.

It retails for $179.95 a pop.

Product Page via Book of Joe

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