Kidz-Med Thermofocus

by Mark R

Kidz Med

Thank you, science for finally inventing this! Who really wants to put a thermometer underneath their tongue or in any other orifice for that matter, when it can be taken in another way.

In this case, the Kidz-Med Thermofocus uses infrared technology to make certain you are at normal. It is the “first non-contact clinical thermometer”, in that it involves no contact with any flesh in order to work. All a user has to do is point it at the forehead, armpit, or navel.

The Kidz-med Thermofocus is currently approved by the FDA, and, as you probably guess, made for the children. This means no invasive style of temp readings, and doesn’t need a cover.

I can totally see a world where we all have one of these, and I hope that future is now. It almost feels like some science fiction device, and it is accurate up to 0.4 degrees. I’m not certain if that is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, but the Kidz-med Thermofocus thermometer can do both.

If you are a parent like me, then you probably can’t wait to get your mitts on this one. In fact, it might be hard to get your kid’s mitts off of it. You will want to keep it in a hard-to-rich place, as it costs about $99.95.

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