MC Square X1: Not a DJ, but a digital relaxant

by Mark R

MC Square X1

MP3 players are nothing new, and any newer model will probably be ignored unless it has the little “i” in front of it. The MC Square X1 is one who choose to market on a different level: it can help you relax.

In fact, certain sources have revealed that doctors at the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University have put the MC Square X1 through some clinical tests and have discovered it can give better sleep in addition to improved concentration, memory improvement, and overall relaxation.

Apparently its power of brain improvement comes from the included goggles, which can emanate light pulses in the form of red lights, along with nature sounds. However, these lights could be dangerous to someone prone to seizures.

Other features of the MC Square X1 include a voice recorder, as well as a miniSD for all your songs and photos.

I have to admit the price tag might be a little high at $400. I mean, for that price, I would have more stress. Fortunately, my MC Square X1 would be there to help me relieve it.

Still, don’t most people use their iPods and other PMPs to sit back and quietly relieve their stress anyway?

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