Cological Marble Run Construction Set

by Mark R

Marble Run Set

Ever heard of Rube Goldburg? I’ve discovered that people who don’t know who Rube Goldberg is know of his work. He was the one who drew these odd contraptions that worked in odd ways, such as a roller skate attacked to a needle, which pops a balloon, which in turn does something else.

Goldburg’s contraptions always started with a ball rolling, and that is what the Cological Marble Run Construction Set is supposed to play off of. This little playset from Think Geek will give you everything that you want for ball-rolling action better than the Mouse Trap game. This will especially be popular with the Lego crowd, as they can make machines that work with no bumpy parts to inhibit the rolling of the marble.

The Cological (I have no idea what that means) Marble Run Construction Set has twenty-three types of mechanisms such as little cars or mallets until it ends with a tiny flag that comes up. There isn’t really much as far as instruction is concerned, just to let the user know what type of toys they have to play with. I believe it is up to the user to let their imagination come up with great toys.

If you want it, you can get it now for $69.95 from Think Geek.

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