iPod Rain Drop Speaker from Zumreed

by Mark R

Rain Drop

It feels like everyone is looking for a way for the average iPod user to play their favorite music while they are in the shower. Zumreed and Dreams Japan have come out with a speaker for the iPod that is very waterproof.

It works for the iPod, iPod nano, and many other MP3 players as well, and connects via mini-jack. It has four white buttons for control (decrease volume, stop, playback, and increase volume) and it comes in three colors: liquid blue, orange, and white.

I’m not sure how it keeps is waterproof, but I believe it has something to do with sticking the iPod in it. See how the pictures show that there is some threading going on? I’m thinking that it screws open, and then the iPod goes in. Then you screw it shut, and I’m assuming that is tight, as in water-tight. I’m not certain what that thing is the top of the raindrop, a fountain?

Apparently, this is for all of those who want to sing in the shower. Maybe it is true that you sound better in the shower when you sing, but let’s put it this way: at least there is nothing wrong with the music.

Via AudioCubes

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Nathan Says: July 27, 2010 at 7:36 pm

The Zumreed drop speaker is a fantastic design and as you say protects your MP3 player from water. It can be used in the shower, kitchen or anywhere you want to keep your MP3 player away from water. Use it for a BBQ or even at the beach!

It screws open and has a watertight band that acts a a seal, protecting it from water.

The best part about it is it produces excellent sounds at a very high volume.

Now available in New Zealand!

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