Bacon Wallet For Your Bacon Lover

by Carolyn

aw0412.jpgBacon plays such a role in most people’s lives. Who doesn’t love a BLT or bacon with your eggs? There’s products made for human and animal alike all using the flavor, appearance and smell of bacon. Like the commercial says “there’s only one thing that smells like bacon and that’s bacon!” People are even marketing seasoning salt made to make things taste like bacon. There are bandages with the likeness of bacon and there are any number of paper products made with the deliciousness of bacon staring you right back in the face.

If you are a bacon-oholic (or know someone who is), what better gift to give them this holiday season than a Bacon Wallet? Actual bacon? Well, yes, but you can’t fold real bacon up, hold your money in it and stick it in your pocket! Not without a lot of mess, anyway.

Priced at a reasonable $9.95 over at What on Earth, the Bacon Wallet is perfect for stocking stuffers or a whimsical way to give them cash or gift cards instead of the same old, boring envelope.

Strips of bacon are photo-realisticlly printed on the inside and outside of this vinyl, one-fold wallet. Holds up to 6 credit cards and has room for all the cash you care to carry, within reason. Dimensions are 3.75″ by 4″ folded.

However, this products does not smell like bacon and I would highly not recommend eating it in a sandwich or with your morning sunny-side-up eggs. I would use the actual bacon in this case.

[What on Earth]

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