EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye

by Mark R


Anyone remember when you used to play with magnifiers or microscopes? Yeah, perhaps it was that awkward age of 6 to 11 when you had pretty much no responsibilities and you were a constant victim of boredom.

That certainly is the audience for the EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye by Jakks Pacific. As you can see, the EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye is this giant eyeball that attaches to a television. Flip the switch on the EyeClops, and it magnifies up to 200 times.

This definitely gives a child or perhaps an adult the chance to view that wonderful world of the microscopic. The EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye even comes with an observation chamber and dish to view small objects and liquids, as well as some hands-free usage.

The advertisements that I have seen say that there is no software to install, no system requirements, and no buttons or switches to adjust. I can’t help but wonder if that means you can only adjust the EyeClops physically. In other words, to get a clear focus, you’ll probably have to move it back and forth.

The EyeClops Handheld Bionic Eye somehow hooks up to the television, and I can only assume it uses the red, yellow, and white ports. It takes about 5AA batteries and is found on the Toys R Us website for $39.99.

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