Stock Cars for the win


stock-car.jpgYou’ve seen it on TV – now here’s a chance to bring home the stock car experience courtesy of IWantOneOfThose.

Bump, bash, smash and crash, this game is all about trying to total your opponent and eject all their passengers onto the deck. Career around the place with your stock car and try to smash into the side of your opponents’ car which has four eject buttons on it. Each time you slam into one of them, one of the little men is poinged out with a blood curdling scream. Well there’s no scream actually, that’s your job. The first whacky racer to get rid of all of the other person’s passengers wins! It’s not as easy as it may sound, and calls for some pretty hot and dangerous driving, but man is it fun.

Take this non-violent route of settling a score with your buddy by forking out £24.99.

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