Rouge 02 Stainless Steel


rougs.jpgGetting your wine bottle to breathe can be quite a hassle, and with the holiday season just around the corner you can be sure that you’ll be popping more bottles open in a month than the entire year.

With the Rouge O2, you can breathe life into your wine in just one minute – for real. Transform your wine by simply popping the Rouge O2 into your open bottle and turning it on – it’s automatic, so you don’t even have to time the minute. It gently bubbles air through the wine bringing out its full bouquet, and ensuring you taste it at its very best not in an hour, but in just a minute. One of the very few wine gizmos that’s actually approved by the Wine Industry, the Rouge O2 will ‘breathe’ 230 bottles on a single set of AAA batteries, is simple to use, makes a great present, and ensures you’ll never be caught on the hop and have to serve a strangulated wine!

You can pick up the Rouge 02 Stainless Steel device for £22.95.

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