Pool Gift Guide

by Tiago

Pool equals to fun, and half the gadgets in this guide create those kind of activities that are enjoyable for everyone involved.

From playing sports, to cleaning a pool, and even recording videos while swimming, the following featured products should exist in every pool of the world.

Colorful Float Thermometers

Colorful Float Thermometers

Instead of using a normal shaped thermometers, these attractive floating animals can do the same job – check the water temperature – but it makes the pool look a lot better.

The animal shaped devices can obviously float on the water, and have the following designs: blue whale, yellow duck, green turtle, and multi-colored boat.

The decorative floats are soft-molded and display the dual range of Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. A polyethylene cord is included.

Price: $9
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Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

Playing table tennis is already cool, so imagine playing it inside the pool with a floating table. It will become harder for you to make movements, but I bet it will be pretty fun.

On this waterproof table package, all the objects float, including the paddles, balls, and even yourself. According to the description, the game play is suppose to be fast thanks to the table’s hard surface, can you believe it? I’d have to test it before considering it as a fact.

– Includes oversized floating paddles, net with supporters and three regulation balls.
– Soft sides make it safe for those who swim close to the action.

Price: $70
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Waterproof Floating Phone

The Waterproof Floating Phone

For those rich weird people that don’t want to stress when making phone calls on the pool, this waterproof floating phone will serve them well.

It comes with all the features a normal phone has, such as being able to display the caller ID, a memory of 10 numbers for fast dialing, and also a call waiting function. Just imagine yourself swimming and having a phone conversation at the same time, it doesn’t happen often, does it?

Its 20-channel autoscan ensures the handset delivers clear reception during calls and emergency numbers can be programmed and dialed at a touch of a button.

Price: $80
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Remote-Controlled Floating Water Cannon

The Remote-Controlled Floating Water Cannon

Specially made for kids aged 8 and up, or for adults that like to play with children toys, the water cannon is operated by remote control and will be a good vehicle for water battles.

Its main function is being a water cannon, therefore it can shoot small streams of water whenever you feel like it. In order to get precise shots, the cannon can be controlled up or down. You can also create a “get wet” game and play with people that are just chilling outside of the pool, or not…

This remote controlled boat has a cannon that shoots a gentle stream of water up to 20′, and the waterproof remote allows precise navigation from up to 40′ away.

Price: $90
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Motorized Bumper Boat

Motorized Bumper Boat

Besides battles with water cannons, another way to have fun on the pool is doing races. And for that you need a motorized bumper boat, which in this case will be good for a slow-motion race.

This one-person boat can hold people up to 90kg, and has a steering wheel to turn for the sides, and a button to accelerate – all you need to have a good time.

Designed to inflate easily with the included electronic air pump. Three separate valves ensure that the boat stays afloat.

Price: $100
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Conversation Pool Float / Lounger

Conversation Pool Float-Lounger

As the name suggests, this lounger is the coolest floating system to use when you want to have a conversation inside a pool.

To start with, it comes with a cup holder, perfect for beer a bottle of water as seen on the image. Secondly, there is a hook-and-hold function that connects both loungers – a small but useful detail. Thirdly, the lounger can be adjust its position from flat to upright in a matter of seconds.

Control firmness right on the water – The valve system is located on the top of the lounger, so the two-chamber system can easily be adjusted as you’re floating on the water.

Price: $130
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Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera

Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera

Instead of staying outside the pool taking photos, get inside with this waterproof digital camera that can be placed on your wrist.

Considering the price and the features, I’d say this is a pretty good camera. It has a 3-megapixel sensor which gives a good resolution, a SD memory card slot up to 2GB that is good enough for 2 hours of video recording at 640×480, and a self-timer of 10 seconds so you can shoot crazy photos.

This mini camera locks flat to your wrist for storage then pivots up to capture crisp digital photos or 30 fps movies.

Price: $140
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Aqua Toss II Pool Football Game

Aqua Toss II Pool Football Game

Table tennis isn’t the only game you can practice inside a pool, football is also an option with the Aqua Toss II. The backboard will be very useful for the people that aren’t good at this sport, or else there should be one person outside the pool just catching the balls.

The challenge is to score touchdowns, field goals and safeties by throwing three waterproof, cushioned footballs into the super-sized dimensional football target.

The rugged polyethylene base, target and backboard are virtually immune to water, chlorine and sunlight, even snow!

Price: $350
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Wall-Climbing Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot

Wall-Climbing Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot

The special wall-climbing robot can clean your pool like no other machine, it makes use of a computer and a smart guidance system that can effectively make the whole pool cleaner like never before. You can either set a cleaning schedule, or give full liberty whenever it wants to work.

The filters large capacity and microscopic cleaning results in a healthier pool with fewer bag changes and less backwashing, in addition to reduced maintenance costs .

Unlike common devices offered elsewhere, this is the robotic pool cleaner that scrubs, vacuums, and filters any pool up to 50′ in length from floor to water line in less than an hour.

Price: $1,500
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The Pool Treadmill

The Pool Treadmill

This treadmill is an alternative to the 100 mini laps you do on a small pool, it is capable of generating a maximum speed of 6mph via the 24-volt DC motor, so it will really feel like you are swimming on an Olympic pool.

In the end it is a good way to do exercise without ever leaving the same place.

It requires no special tools, plumbing, or electrical work for installation because it is self-contained; simply roll it to the edge of your pool using its built-in handle and lower the generator unit into the water.

You can select your speed on the units dial for a light or vigorous workout. Plugs into AC for recharging.

Price: $4,000
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doda Says: November 12, 2007 at 7:17 pm

water cannon, fantastic, but expensive 🙁

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