Just in time for Christmas: 3D Pool Table

by James

3d Pool Table

Back in the last 60s, Star Trek introduced America to the concept of 3D chess. Although it was merely a prop that Mr. Spock used to punk every member of the Enterprise crew but Captain Kirk, eventually rules were created and now 3D chess is a reality. So, what’s the next natural step for a manly game? 3D pool of course.

3d Pool Table play

The 3D pool table allows for both both horizontal and vertical game play. The object of the game is to sink all balls into the pockets on the lowest level. However, by using corner “scoops” strategy comes into play as players can now sabotage their opponents calls by pushing back up to a higher level.

The game comes equipped with 2 sticks, 2 cue balls, 8 game balls (4 game balls each), and a diamond shaped pool rack. The balls are made of professional quality materials that are similar to their billiard cousins. The table itself measures 91cm x 54cm x 56cm when assembled and can be played just about anywhere including floor or table, thanks to rubber feet on the bottom of the table which keeps this lighter table from sliding around during game play.

Cost is about $125

Source: Nerd Approved

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