10C Crew Charge Battery Charging System

by Mark R

10C Crew Charge

Usually I don’t put a lot of faith in slogans, and 10C Technologies has some real doozies with “Your Tools, Your Charger, You’re Done” and of course, the “Any Brand, Anytime, Anywhere”. However, their one product the Crew Charge may make a believer out of me.

Despite its safety orange color, this Crew Charge Battery Charging System is capable of quite a lot. It has multi-port capabilities which is capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously. If that isn’t impressive enough, wait until you hear of the charging time: 15 minutes.

So far, it is compatible with all sorts of power tool companies including DeWALT, Milwaukee, Bosch, Hitachi, Makita, Black and Decker, Skil, Panasonic, Craftsman, and many others.

Apparently, it can do all sort of batteries from all sorts of power tools, like those ranging from 10.8V to 18V. It also brags that it can “extend battery life, and detect dead batteries”. It also has its patented Revive technology that helps for battery recovery. I’m not certain whether that means you can bring your batteries back from the dead, but that sounds good. One of the best features is that can check every time the battery is charged, and can charge under hot and cold conditions.

I’m guessing the 10C Technologies Crew Charge Battery Charger is going to be a real hit at construction sites. Somehow I picture it being the water cooler at construction zones, where construction people can sit around and then whistle at the pretty women who walk by. That is, if they still do that anymore.

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Jeremy Says: November 10, 2007 at 10:53 am

First I’ve seen chargers like that come and go, best bet is those small ones you can buy at any electronic or department store, because except fot the price difference they’re the same thing.

Second, for everyone who has ever worked on a construction I would like to give you a badge of stupidity, there are no pretty women on a construction site to whistle at. You office people must be perverts.

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